Brief synopsis

The roads are 99.99% a safe place to enjoy a bicycle outing. However we all know about the 0.01% chance could be all it takes.

STL Brevets cannot emphasise enough the need to be safe and seen out on the roads.

To ride any event over and above a populaire, you will encounter at very minimum a dawn or dusk condition. A working front (white) and rear (red) light are a mandatory minimum.

Yes. A must.

Hi Visability Clothing.
RUSA is committed to rider safety while on the road and mandates a rider to wear "significant reflective material" while on the road.

1 High visability vest/gilet with reflective strips.

2 High visibility ankle straps or hi visibility socks are also a mandated clothing garment.

We will endeavor to provide accurate cuesheets at a minimum and up to date rwgps files for electronic navigation. However: routing errors, road closures, floods, construction are all part of the experience and will need to be addressed sometimes on the road ASAP. Please work with us to provide additional updates as you encounter them.

Mother Nature will always try to throw a curveball our way. We will absolutely not ride in dangerous conditions due to ice or snow, nor any event will take place with a excess heat advisory. 

Needless to say, obey all traffic laws. Be kind and good. Have fun.